December 9, 2019

Glamor-Meets-Rustic Family Shoot

Nevada Family Photo by Ezell Images

This may have been the coolest, most unique family shoot yet! When Robin told me that she wanted some shots of her girls in the backyard, I had no idea just how amazing and special of a shoot this would be.

The property made for a photographer’s dream, complete with a flowing stream, a gorgeous rustic barn, and plenty of beautiful wood and stone walls to shoot against. Once we got the girls all done up in hair and makeup, we started with studio shots of the girls inside the house in their dance costumes. SO much fun. We then explored outside for some natural portraits. After taking shots outdoors, we captured some lifestyle studio portraits of Robin playing her cello. It was absolutely breathtaking to listen to the rich sound of the cello while shooting.

As a side note and little history lesson!… Learning about the history of the house and land was absolutely fascinating. The house was on one of the original divorce ranches in Nevada. Women would come stay for the required number of weeks as a Nevada resident to legally get a divorce. Apparently this was a huge thing, and ranches started popping up as businesses as women could legally get a quick divorce in Nevada. So fascinating!

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