January 21, 2024

Business of Photography Conference (BopCon!)

Reno Photographer

We just got back from BopCon (Business of Photography Conference) in Orlando, and WOW what a week!! Unlike all other photographer conferences, this one is all about the ins and outs of running a successful business including mindset, time management, processes, marketing, and pricing. So much amazing stuff.

Donald Miller - branding expert and founder of StoryBrand gave the keynote alongside photography business coach Megan DiPiero. The closing keynote was given by Denise DT and left everyone feeling confident and ready to take on the year. If you haven't read any of her books - they are an absolute must-read for business owners and those who want to make their dreams a reality.


Scotti and I had the pleasure and honor of being one of the speakers alongside an incredible lineup. This was our first official speaking engagement, and we are hooked! We received the most amazing feedback. Apparently our differing personalities and banter makes us entertaining (LOL). Fun fact: I have always enjoyed public speaking and it has been my dream for several years to be a professional speaker. I am already itching for my next opportunity.

We spoke on the ins and outs of working with a partner and how to bring on an operations manager to your business. To those of you who don't already know, my wife, Scotti is the studio manager of Ezell Images. We would not be able to run the business as we do without her complimentary brain and personality type. While Amber brings the artistic vision, social demeanor and entrepreneur side, Scotti is the systems-oriented grounded thinker that helps us in our efficiency. She takes all the little things off of my plate so I can focus on my most essential jobs as the photographer.

We absolutely love talking about our experience working together as life partners and business partners. It certainly comes with so many challenges, but we wouldn't trade it for anything. Don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to hear about our experience, strategies, and how we stay married while working together!

Check out this amazing lineup of speakers!

Bill Barbosa - Find your Ideal Client: Understand Client Avatars

Julio Barina - Ask a CPA: Accounting and Bookkeeping Tips for 2024

Josh Brammer - Pitch Perfect: Dialing your copy and branding

LaShaun Collier - Hiring with Intention: Understanding personality styles

Megan DiPiero - Plan for Success: Your Calendar, Birdseye view

Missy DiPiero - Less Math, More Magic: Design and Sell Wall Art with FrameSuite

Amber and Scotti Ezell-Bisiaux - Working with a Partner: When, Why, and How

Shala W. Graham - You got this! Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Gary Harlan - Talk of the Town: Crafting the Luxury Client Experience

Korey Howell - Over a Million: Becoming a High Revenue Studio

Scott Robert Lim - The Art of Being Chosen: Standing Out in a Saturated Market

Dina Mande - Fire Up Facebook Ads: Fill Your Calendar with a $100K Campaign

Jessi Norvell - Get your life back: Own Your Workflow so it Doesn't Own You

Felicia Reed - Dancing in the Kitchen: Social Media Done Right

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