February 11, 2021

Big Announcements!

Reno Photographer

Although we have announced on other platforms, I have not yet made it official here so here it is…. My wife, Scotti is our in-house editor and studio manager!

We truly feel the stars aligned for this to be our natural next step. Although this was a scary decision in that we are still getting used to married life, everything has been so beautifully amazing working together. Our goals, passions, and ideas have come together in ways making us more motivated than ever to make our business even more amazing and client-focused.

Scotti has found her stride in editing and is surpassing my Photoshop abilities. We have so many fun ideas and exciting projects to come! Life is a beautiful ride, and i am so lucky to have Scotti by my side in every way.

We treated ourselves to a photo session with Boris Zharkov while in Napa. He did a beautiful job!

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