May 11, 2017

Alisa and Morgan’s forest wedding in Fairfax

Alisa and Morgan's Wedding Photo by Ezell Images

I had the opportunity to second shoot with Katie Stewart at a gorgeous quaint wedding in Fairfax. It felt like with were in a forest with large redwood trees throughout the venue and a light drizzle throughout the day. Alisa and Morgan were such a pleasure to work with! Both of them were so sweet, lighthearted, and happy. They seemed to truly enjoy themselves every moment of the day.

I fell in love with wedding photography this day as I got to witness all of the sweet tiny moments that happened throughout the wedding. I laughed, I teared up, smiled ALL day long, and just loved being there shooting watching the beautiful connection of Alisa and Morgan and the love their friends and family have for them. I’ve known for years that wedding photography would be something I would love… but this day I realized just what makes this profession so special. I left the wedding elated and full of adrenaline. This is my calling and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

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